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The Dailee Llama


The Dailee Llama

The Dailee (daily) Llama was inspired by the desire to help others find purpose in life.  Right now in our world, mental health is at an all time low, and purpose for living is hard to see for many people. For this reason, I felt it was very important to give back to organizations that support Mental Health Awareness, and Sexual Assault Survival. 

The Dailee Llama is in the beginning stages of what this will look like, but for now, I have a few ways to support these organizations.

  1. 10% of all purchase made from the Dailee Llama Collection will go toward these organizations every month.

  2.  I have an Instagram that is setup to share some little inspirations to whomever follows. 

  3. I will be doing give aways throughout the year to help raise money for these organizations.

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I Need Your Help

I need help in finding organizations that are grass roots and making real strides in Mental Health Awareness and Sexual Assault Survival. If you know of a person, group, or organization that is local to Chattanooga, Tennessee, please let me know. You can send over a quick message via Instagram and help me get involved with the real people fighting the good fight. 

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